NSK successfully improved "indoor obstacle avoidance navigation robot LIGHBOT"

2018-7-28 10:23:54

Japan Seiko Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, representative: On behalf of the executive director, Otsuka Yoshihiko, hereinafter referred to as NSK), received support and cooperation from the Kanagawa General Medical Rehabilitation Center, and conducted obstacle-free navigation robots in actual use environments. A verification test of about half a year. Based on the exhibits of the 2013 International Robot Show in November 2013, the development developed navigation functions to improve safety and convenience. In order to achieve the goal of the actual use of 2016, NSK will make full use of the results of this verification test and is committed to solving various related problems. NSK can automatically identify and avoid the development of wheel-type mobile robots for road obstacles. It is not only intended to replace guide dogs, help elderly people and other people to walk, but also strives to be accessible in hospitals, office buildings, commercial facilities, etc. An automatic mobile robot with a guiding function on the road. When the user selects the destination to be selected from the place where the user has previously logged in, the 2013 model can determine the location according to the map information and the moving distance, and at the same time identify the obstacle and bring the user to the destination by sound. Since then, through multiple verifications, the new model can reach the destination accurately and conveniently even in large venues such as government agencies or hospitals that are visited for the first time.